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Don’t send a Future Bass track to a Deep House label. That’s just a waste of your time and theirs. How To Pitch The time has finally come to send your first email to blogs and labels. You feel like your music is bringing something new to the table, and you’re ready for the world to discover you!

Record Labels Accepting Demos - DropTrack Here are some of the record labels that are currently accepting demos via DropTrack. What genres do we work with? Click a link below to submit your music:. Demo Submissions – Red Bull Records Red Bull Records is an independent record label dedicated to long-term artist Please submit your best song that represents you and where you are headed 

Send your demo to a record label that is looking to sign new artists. Whether you are a rock band, hip hop artist, singer, songwriter, voice over actor, producer, or musician, your demo submission may get you a record deal with Phantom City Studio's record label in Orlando, Florida.

Send us your demo! - Be Yourself Music Send us your demo! We're always on the hunt for new quality products so if you believe you’ve created a hit, we are more than happy to receive your demo(s). When you send your demo keep in mind that we’re not interested in mixes and mash-ups – we’re only looking for your production skills. Submit Music to Record Labels A&R Looking For Artists! Submit Submit Music to Record Labels Looking for Artists, A&R, Radio, Music Publishers, Film TV Music Supervisors. Get signed & get heard by record labels, a&r contacts, music industry contacts for record deals & music placement. Submit your music to Record Labels - Record Labels. Get your music heard by over 500 record labels you can pitch your music to. Choose from over 100+ genres. Demo quality submissions are accepted. Submit my demos online: EDMstr - record label that hears

How to Send a Demo to Labels | Ghost Producer in 2019 Now you need to get your demo in the hands of the people who can help you take it to the next level. really useful steps to send the perfect demo tapes to record labels. 1. Do Your Research Ensure you disable the free download option. Insights on sending a demo to a record label - Daniel Lesden Insights on sending a demo to a record label. Feel free to use this as a template: one short paragraph about yourself, one or two sentences about this demo,  Submit a Demo - Gravitas Recordings 23 Mar 2018 Your Demo Submission. Artist Name: Real Name: Email: Powered by Label Engine. Nothing to see herebut it's not the end of the world! Sending demos to record labels as an "unsigned" artist—an

Submitting demos is hard. Learn the do's and Don'ts of submitting to labels, blogs and playlist and take the fear out of sharing your tracks. All record labels have a general email address where you can send your demos. Believe it or not, this is how 99,9% of the tracks get signed nowadays. Предлагаем рассылку demo track(s) на 2 тысячи лейблов от вашего имени. В нашем листе присутствуют и топ лейблы, такие как Armada, Toolroom, Black Hole, Spinnin и другие. Наша база хорошо подходит для таких стилей как - Trance, Techno, Tech House, Deep House, House Welcome to the Protocol Recordings demo submission system. Before you send an email to record label, you should provide an extensive research about it. This way you will see its characteristics and what music genre it belongs.

Soundcloud is a perfect way for A&Rs to preview your work without having to download-and-delete endlessly. Talk about how your songs are unfinished. It’s ok if the mix isn’t final, but ultimately, an A&R needs to know that you can finish tracks. Send mass emails to labels or share your Soundcloud with loads of labels at once.

5. Labels. Signing a track to Spinnin’ Records, OWSLA, and Monstercat is what all producers dream of. They’re also the hardest places to get released on 2. Do not send your demos to relatives or mates. They tend to praise your work without any Many demos from aspiring musicians are sent daily to major record labels. Know how to increase the chances of your demo getting noticed. Once you have your list of record labels you feel may be interested in your music all written out and organized properly and you’ve done your due diligence to see if Learn how to send a demo to record labels.

If you are planning to send your demo to a legitimate record company, you're gonna want the assistance of a Music/Entertainment Attorney to ensure

Don't Make These Mistakes with Your Demo Does your demo have 25 tracks on it? Then you are guilty of weighing down the record labels with too much information. Short and to the point is the golden rule of promo packages and demos. If your package looks like it will take a week to wade through, the label is likely to send it straight to the bin. How much info is too much? Top 5 EDM Labels that Will Listen to Your Demos Submitting your demo the good old-fashion way remains the best way to be judged for the quality of your work, not the loyalty of your following and or how many of your Facebook friends you can bother enough times until they vote for you. Here is our list of the top 5 Labels that you have a realistic opportunity to have your track signed.

Skip the queue - Rexius Records Rexius Records receive around 7000 demos per year. The average time before we can get to your demo and give you an answer is more than 160 days. If you are a driven artist we want to give you a chance to cut in line. Remember, we only have a few slots each week so first come, first served… Don't Make These Mistakes with Your Demo

13 Different Places To Submit Your Music! – cymatics-submit your music-labels The time has finally come to send your first email to blogs and labels. Do NOT attach your demo directly to the email. Signing a track to Spinnin' Records, OWSLA, and Monstercat is what all producers dream of.. The free option consists of submitting music using standard credits. Atlantic Records Contact Us How to Get Signed Think you have what it takes to be the next great artist on Atlantic Records? Visit How You can find out more about Atlantic Records by visiting Our Label. Please note that Atlantic Records does not accept unsolicited music demos and we are not responsible for any such artistic material that is sent to us. 5 Steps For Sending The Perfect Demo Submission - Hypebot 1 Feb 2017 How do you submit demos to record labels to give you the best chance of getting signed on Ensure you disable the free download option.

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